Deck 84 Team
Deck 84 Team

Burt Rapoport, Owner & President of
Rapoport's Restaurant Group


A visionary, third-generation restaurant aficionado, award-winning restaurateur Burt Rapoport has led an impressive legacy in the South Florida restaurant scene for over three decades. Rapoport started his career in New York City, where his family owned and operated a successful kosher dairy restaurant for fifty years. President of Rapoport's Restaurant Group in Boca Raton, Florida, he is recognized for his dedication to providing high-quality cuisine for a good value, a warm and welcoming ambiance, and truly attentive service at all of his restaurants. Visit for more information.

Michael Romano, Executive Chef

A native of West Palm Beach, Florida, Chef Michael Romano’s passion for cooking started in his teens. He often spent time in the kitchen with his father and got his start in the industry as a busboy at a small Italian restaurant. 

As Executive Chef at Rapoport’s Restaurant Group’s waterfront concept, Deck 84, Chef Romano has proven his dedication to the craft and his passion for food. His approach to cooking is influenced by his Italian roots and love for Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine but in the end his philosophy is to keep it simple, letting the flavors and fresh ingredients shine. Catering to Deck 84’s prime location, Chef Romano uses fresh seafood, along with meat and locally sourced produce delivered daily to create a variety of crowd-pleasing dishes.

Bo Hammett , General Manager/Managing Partner

With his enthusiastic leadership and experienced hospitality background, Bo Hammett skillfully guides the team at Deck 84 as the Managing Partner and General Manager. Hammett graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and learned the true art of customer service during his hospitably internship at Walt Disney World. Hammett gained his real world experience running his own restaurant, Buckhead Brewery and Grill in Tallahassee, Florida from 1998 to 2007 and Hammett’s Landing in Charleston, South Carolina where he was executive chef and owner from 2009 to 2012.

A go-to hot spot in Delray Beach for visitors and locals alike, Deck 84 is always thriving with activity any night of the week. “I set the tone. We go 100 MPH at Deck 84 and we don’t even stop the car to change the tire,” states Hammett who’s philosophy is the “speed of the leader, is the speed of the pack.” Born and raised in Arizona, Hammett worked in the restaurant business since he was 16. When he headed off to college, his goal wasn’t set on working in the restaurant industry again but the passion brought him back in the game. “I would do nothing else. It's like being on stage every day.”


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